Embedded lending infrastructure for B2B e‑commerce transactions

Provide a financial service, drive your GMV, and add a new revenue stream without the hassle of being a financial service provider
More than just a checkout solution

Buy Now Pay Later solution designed for business’ continuous needs

Credit line upfront

Allow and create dependability

Fully white-labelled

Make buyers stick to your platform

Easily integrated

Don’t stall validation, start lean today

Transparently priced

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We partner with marketplaces and eCommerce platforms to build the embeddable lending infrastructure that really solves the working capital problem and creates a dependable foundation for lasting business relationships.

The working capital problem is now solved

Embed our solution and close the working capital gap in three simple steps

We offer marketplaces and eCommerce platforms plug & pay lending infrastructure that closes the financial gap with SMEs in three simple steps.

Establish a new revenue stream

Boost GMV and bolster your margin through aligned interests

Payment methods may help conversion. Offering a true purchase finance solution changes the rules of the game.

Seamlessly embedding it into your e-commerce offering puts you in control of the terms, and allows you to capture the full upside.

Boost margin through new revenue stream

End-customer pricing towards buyers and merchants is set by you, creating a new risk-free revenue stream.

Drive top-line through order value and frequency

Purchase financing allows businesses to grow faster and transact more, boosting GMV by 70% through order value and frequency.

Retain more without cannibalisation

The offer is white-labelled and captive to your offering, driving loyalty. Your customers stay your customers.

Maximise acceptance with the help of your data

Our holistic underwriting and collaterisation approach secures heathy credit risks and generates high acceptance rates.
Designed for developers

A single API and

ready-made interfaces

integrated to abstract away your burden

We agonise over the right abstractions so you won’t spend months integrating and orchestrating third-party services. You focus  on your business while we provide the technology, handle compliance, regulation, and bring the capital – all out of the box.

Launch without a line of code

Use our building blocks and launch today. eCommerce plugins, UI widgets and end-to-end redirect journeys enable low-code integration options.

Customize the user experience

The power of financial services all condensed into a single RESTful API. Use it to remove friction and tune the solution to your needs.
Join our mission

Change how businesses do business

We’re a team of experienced fintech entrepreneurs, engineers and data scientists. We believe the future of finance belongs to builders, not bankers. Access to capital should be fair and instant and we're working hard to make that happen!

As we are growing, we are constantly looking for you – the curious mind that shares our vision of the future of finance and passion for helping Tilta change the paradigm.

If you are bold, a team player and ready for a new new adventure – join Tilta.
Strategic partnerships

Cooperating with the best in class

Our partners are a key component of our product

Seamlessly embedding it into your e-commerce offering puts you in control of the terms, and allows you to capture the full upside.

Tilta is currently in its initial phase of roll-out and available to a limited number of partners that work with businesses based in Germany. If you are operating outside Germany, don’t hesitate to get in touch while we are working on our Europe-wide roll-out.